Share us your ideas related with the mechanical design and implementation of industrial production equipment and PLC control or your need for special engineering.


When a custom-made machine is needed

Following the assessment and the description our customers’ requirements, the specific equipment is constructed and installed according to the design prepared by our qualified colleagues.

Our reliable special purpose machines provide solution for the production of small and large serials and of different lots included in your production plan.

Our team performs the development and expansion of existing production lines with proven expertise that allows the economical production in higher volume and in better quality.


When there is a need for the modification of your production equipment

We propose plans for the feasible modifications on your existing machinery in order to make them suitable for the production of better quality, higher volume and if it is a requirement, the equipment will meet other (e.g. labour safety) criteria as well with a small investment.

We offer the most diverse solutions for any problem that may arise:

  1. our experts modernize the control unit of your existing machines
  2. our team realize the necessary mechanical modifications


In case your machine need repair or refurbishment

We perform the repairs and refurbishments according to the actual machine status that will result safer production, improved productivity and product quality.

In addition to the engineering works we are ready to repair and renew the electrical installations as well.


When your machine must be relocated

Our colleagues implement the electrical and mechanical disassembling, relocation, reassembling and re-commissioning of your machine with great care and expertise.

These kind of operations are usually ordered in the occasion of technological reconstruction projects, following a building expansion or the construction of a new hall in order to optimize and improve production efficiency.